Portugal Tech Week announces the first 50 events on its agenda!

    Lisbon, October 13, 2022 – Today 351 Portuguese Startup Community is pleased to announce the first version of the Portugal Tech Week (PTW) events agenda, which already has more than 50 events organized by more than 40 different national and international players.

    The initiative aims to consolidate Portugal as one of the main global hubs for technology and innovation and it will gather more than 100 events during the period from October 27th to November 6th, with the Web Summit being one of its the main attractions.

    The main events that will take place during the festival are divided into the categories “Large Conferences”, “Web3”, “Investment”, “Futurism” and “Networking”.


    Undoubtedly the biggest event during this period, the Web Summit, traditionally takes place from the 2nd to the 4th of November in Lisbon. There are also other major events taking place in the country, such as the Porto Tech Hub Conference (27/10) in Porto, and the various Web3 events, and because they are so, so many, they deserve a dedicated category just for them

    Check all the PTW’s major conferences here.


    With the popularization of Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and the metaverse, this is one of the verticals with the largest number of events happening this week. Highlight for Disco Denites (03/11), free party for 500 people to take place at Hub Creativo do Beato, and also for ETH Lisbon (27 – 30/10), Solana Breakpoint (04 – 07/11), FIL Lisbon (10/30 – 11/04) and WOW Summit (11/01 – 11/03).

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    Also get to know the Lisbon Blockchain Month that takes place in the same period!


    Being one of the main relevant topics for startups, the category “VC and Investment” could not be left out of the Portugal Tech Week’s official agenda. Highlight to the Investors Portugal Dinner (27/10), organized by the main association of early stage investors in the country.

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    Do you want to know which are the main technologies that will impact our future? At the SingularityU Portugal Summit: Supermassive (27-28/10), 750 leaders and decision makers will be challenged to learn from 10 internationally renowned speakers about new technologies and the impact on their business.

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    Finally, there are several networking events to connect you not only with the local ecosystem, but also internationally. Highlight for the event organized by Made of Lisboa (CML – 03/11, to be announced soon) and for the Lisbon Immersion, by  Startup Lisboa, both with goals of promoting connections with the local ecosystem. Another event worth highlighting is the traditional Lisbon Digital Nomads party (03/11), which usually attracts more than 1000 nomads digital

    See all PTW networking events here.


    There are several other events registered under various categories that can be found on the official website of Portugal Tech Week. By the start of the festival, it is expected to receive at least 60 more events to be added to its official schedule.

    The submission of events is free of charge and any entity can propose events to be part of the official agenda of the event through this link.

    Fernando Jardim, one of the managers of 351 – Comunidade Portuguesa de Startups, indicates that “there has been great adhesion to this initiative on the part of the entrepreneurial community, and there is a great desire to expose the best of the Portuguese ecosystem.”

    Portugal Tech Week is organized by the 351 Portuguese Startup Community, the largest startup community in Portugal, with more than 1200 members, it has the support of several important actors in the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem, Startup Portugal, Made of Lisbon, Porto Tech Hub, University of Aveiro Incubator, Instituto Pedro Nunes, Startup Madeira, Startup Lisboa. Innovation Scene and Lispolis

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