Encode Lisbon Hacker Angar

    Encode Lisbon Hacker Hangar


    We’re delighted to announce the Encode Club Lisbon Hacker Hangar, Encode’s hacker house in Lisbon.

    This hacker house follows on the success of Encode’s 2021 Lisbon Hacker Hangar and will be hosted in the same venue, displayed in the photos below.

    Participating hackers will spend a weekend in our central Lisbon hacker hangar, from Thursday 27th to Monday 31st October!

    Accommodation in our Hacker Hangar is completely free (bar from a small, refundable deposit) and open for any hacker to apply.

    It’s a great opportunity to network and meet fellow hackers and co-founders, all during ETH Lisbon!

    About Encode Club

    Encode is a web3 education community. Our mission is to help ambitious, talented people achieve their personal and professional goals together in web3, either by being hired or raising investment. We do this through programmes like hackathons, bootcamps, accelerators and educational courses. We also have a dedicated recruitment arm and investment syndicate!

    Read more here.

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